xml programming language

XML or extensible markup language basically one of the development of the programming language HTML. XML itself developed and has several advantages. The major advantage from xml programming language is the ability of this programming language to summarize and also stores a data, so it is easy manageable. The use of XML is indeed very simple, and similar to the use of HTML.

XML also has several advantages, such as smart programming, adaptable, have maintenance is very easy and inexpensive, and it is much simpler when compared to the type of other programming languages.

XML derived from SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) that has existed before. In a simple XML it used to describe and manipulate documents in a structured way. XML is technically defined as a meta-markup language that provides a certain format for documents that have structured data. XML is an application profile of SGML. As defined in ISO 8879, SGML is a standard way and vendor-independent.

XML does not have a precise definition since no one argues that XML is not a programming language, but XML is used to describe the syntax of other markup languages. Nevertheless the opinion that XML is not a markup language, based on that XML is a markup language separately for separate purposes. Some characteristics of XML;
  1. · Able to combined with other XML documents
  2. · Separate data and presentation which will be represented in XML and XSL
  3. · Fast data search because XML is the data in a structured format
  4. · Plain Text and platform independent
  5. · Markup can add intent meaning (semantics) of a data
  6. · Able to separate data.
  7. · Able to define the role of data.
  8. · Able to define data limits.

pascal programming language

Pascal is a type of programming language that goes into the third generation programming language, and is a form of high level programming language. This programming language was developed in France by a professor named Niklaus Writh.

The first program using the programming language Pascal yng This is a calculator, therefore, the name of this programming language refers to the name of a mathematician, as Pascal.

Pascal programming language is a programming language that has a standard data type, so it can be learned by anyone also has the type of structured programming language, thus making it much more efficient when compared to the low-level programming language and intermediate level.

Pascal lose against other programming languages, such as C, C ++, Java and even the BASIC language (with Microsoft Visual Basic). This happens not because the lack of marketing and industry support.For example, most people think that Pascal nicer and more structured compared to BASIC, However, BASIC is supported by companies such as Microsoft in result making it more popular than Borland Delphi (a type of Visual Basic applications that use the Pascal language).

Although not as popular as C, C ++ or Java, Pascal is currently still widely used as the programming language of instruction in schools and universities.

 PASCAL Language Features;

  1. The default data types: Pascal has a standard data types commonly found in computer 
    programming languages ​​such as Integer, Real, Character, and Boolean.
  2. Data type formations: Pascal allows us to make formations defined data types.
  3. Having a variety of data structures: Pascal presents some data structures like Array, Record, File and Set.
  4. Rules are strict data types: Pascal restrict the use of data types strictly.
  5. Structural supports programming: Pascal language was designed with the concept of structured programming that supports sub program through functions and procedures
  6. Simple and expresif: Many pascal use commands in simple English, so it is easy to understand.
  7. Supports object programming: Pascal also supports object-based programming, especially in the final version of the compiler.

HTML programming language

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a web-based programming language that is widely used for web today. The special of HTML is in its application, programming language support ASCII format, so it can produce a display integrated web. In general, HTML is the standard of creating a website.

The use of the programming language HTML, currently, in its application. An HTML programming language widely used as a programming language to build a web site integrated with the database. With  a simple command in the HTML, programmer will be able to learn it easily.

In another words, HTML is the language of the main program used in the manufacture website or blog. This code has important in the web design forming a structure in the website, lines, fonts, colors, background display, page framework and other elements in the page.

Now HTML 5 has launched the latest version of this language. Its development aimed at strengthening support for the latest multimedia system, that can be easily read and understood by computers and supported browser.

HTML is a Subnet or part of SDML which can also be used to surf the internet, especially those using the WWW or Web protocol. HTML documents are basically not much different from any other document, which contains the text and code to format the text display. The difference is the use of a specific tag. For example, if you want to tilt the text, should be added at the beginning of the text tag and the tag end of the text in order to close the previous command. Four elements of the HTML language in general;

links used to refer to one part of the document or page beyond the existing documents.

text style
This code used to add style or format the text as bold, italics, underline and also can enlarge and shrink the text.

object creation
This code can be used to create a supporting object in a document such as creating buttons, lists or horizontal lines.

text structure
HTML recognize text structure such as heading 1, heading 2, paragraphs, body or other things like the format of the document in general.

ruby programming language

Ruby is a dynamic programming language and simple. Ruby programming language is much more simple than php and html. Ruby programming language was created by Yukihiro Matsumoto in early 1993. Actually, the main purpose of the Ruby programming language is to unite all of the function and advantages of other programming language.

In Early 1996 Ruby programming language is gaining popularity and become well known in the eyes of programmers then communities of ruby development start to begin. One of the developer community's of ruby is Ruby-Talk. Ruby-Talk is a community to discuss and develop the ruby programming language

This programming language is very flexible,because the codes and scripts from the Ruby programming language can be changed or replaced freely without any specific limitation. According to the creator of the Ruby programming language Matsumoto, Ruby programming language is a programming language that is more powerful than Perl and Python Programming Language

The benefits of ruby programming language including;
  1. Ruby Programming Language is a programming language that is oriented to an object(well object)
  2. Ruby Programming Language has Script and codes that are easy to learn and easy to understand.
  3. Ruby programming language has  a pretty good and very simple syntax    
  4. Ruby Programming Language has open source language
  5. Ruby Programming Language has a system that automatically will remove all data that not used in the memory anymore.


HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a standard language used by Internet browsers to create pages and documents on a web to be accessed and read like an article. HTML can also be used as a link between the files in the site or in the computer by using localhost, or the connecting link between sites in the internet world.

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is one of the web programming language for controlling several components in a web which is more structured. Just as styles in word processing applications such as Microsoft Word that can manage several styles, such as heading, section, Body text, footers, images, and other styles to be used together in multiple files. In general, CSS is used to format the display of web pages created with HTML and XHTML.

HTML or CSS is the most basic programming language used on the development of a website. HTML or CSS is widely used in a wide variety of prominent web sites, as the era of the 2000s used by the social networking site friendster, and some websites today, such as blogspot.

Normally CSS is used to design a page of HTML and XHTML, but now CSS can be applied to all dokumenXML, including SVG and XUL even ANDROID.
CSS is made to separate the main content to see documents that include layouts, color and font. This separation can improve the accessibility of the content on the web, providing more flexibility and controling the specification from the characteristics of a display.

 It also divide the page to a formatting and reducing the complexity of writing code and structure of content, for example, the technique table of web design. CSS also allows a page to be displayed in various styles using different nature, such as on-screen, in print, by voice, and others. Meanwhile, web content owner can specify the link that connects the content with CSS files.

By using the programming language HTML and CSS, any programmer can develop a website that is interesting and interactive as well. Basically, HTML or CSS is the basis of a wide web-based programming language, so in order to understand a wide range of web-based programming language, you also need to learn a programming language HTML / CSS.