capture your computer

Screen shoot or a screen capture is an activity to save anything in the monitor as a picture. Sometime you want to keep it as a notes or  perhaps as a memory. In fact, you do not have to take a camera to shoot your monitor. In order to capture your monitor there are two simple ways.

Using Snipping Tool
Snipping tool has already existed since you install your window so you do not need to download it. You just need to open your search box in your start or press window logo key + S. Type Snipping tool in the box then open it. Click the new menu and drag the cursor around the area that you want to capture. Then press ctrl + S on the keyboard of your computer to save it.

Using prnt scrn
Just need to press Prnt scrn. Well, after we press the button then paste it on the paint program or Microsoft word. This is simple but print screen cannot capture the certain part instead of all your monitor. Anyway I think that is not a big dead since you can crop them later.

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