How to install window 10

To install window 10 on your personal computer, first of all, you need to download the file. I would highly recommend you to download the original version of window 10 or you can buy it by using the original disk. If you want to download you could find it easily in the official website of Microsoft.

Step 1. After you got the file then you should run it. You will be asked to select the language.
 Step2. Enter the product key in order to activate the window. You will absolutely get this key if you buy the original file. Then click next.
 Step3. Just accept it or if you have time you could read all of the license terms.
 Step4. You got two options here. If you choose upgrade then you keep your old windows file, however the other will give you an options to delete the old partition. I recommend you to click customs installation because the old windows seems to make you pc slow. Remember, you must move the important file from the partition that you intend to delete.
 Step5. Select you C partition.The C partition usually have a small space. In order to anticipate this, you should remember that the size of your partition so you can decide which one is the C partition. Be careful on this step because if you choose wrong partition your data will be deleted. If you sure then click format and next. Anyway when you install on new computer which has a new hard disk then you will find the unallocated space. This happen because your hard disk does not have the partition yet.
 Step6. You should wait until the installation is done.
Step7. Congratulation your window 10 has been installed. After that, you will be asked to write your name, and password. However if you do not want to use the password, you could leave it blank.

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