What is RAM

RAM ( Random Access Memory ) is a hardware computer which store a data temporarily. Unlike your hard disk or others memory RAM only work when you turn on the computer. When we look on the component of RAM there are four main structure including

Input storage, serves to accommodate the input.

Program storage, serves as a store of the instruction from the accessed program

Working storage serve as a store of data to be processed from the processing result

Output Storage, serves to accommodate the final results of the data to appear to output device.

Along with the improvement of technology, RAM has been developed very rapidly by the shape, model or capacity of it. RAM is very influential on speed computer access. The bigger capacity of ram will speed up your computer. So if you want your computer works fast, make sure you have a big capacity of RAM

However, there are some development of RAM

SDRAM have a pin number 168 and there are two slits section legs used for computer Pentium 1 to Pentium 4. This very old version of RAM.Thus the existence of this RAM nowadays is very rare.

Ranbus RAM (RAM used for Pentium computer IV which own 2 channel facility)

Sybclink DRAM (RAM which has a maximum bandwidth of 1600 MB / sec and has a speed of 200 MHz.) This RAM is very fast on its era.

DDR and DDR 2 RAM (RAM which has a pin number 183 and there is only one opening on the legs and has transfer speeds two times faster than S DRAM.)

DDR 3 RAM (RAM latest generation after DDR 2, which has more speed than the previous DDR type.) This is very good in running a high graphic game or aplication.

So when you intend to install RAM on your computer make sure that;

The RAM slots on the motherboard are fit.

You have read all of the instruction

You open the lock RAM before installing RAM in RAM slots

You lock the key of RAM after Installed.

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