why my computer get slower

Sometime you realize that your computer become slower than it used to be. In fact there are many causes which make you pc become slow. These are six main factor why you computer get slower.

So many program or application

Many people do not care which program or application are important to them. If you run so many program on your computer then your processor will work harder than before as well as your RAM. So you need to remove or uninstall the application which is unimportant for you.

Temporary files

When you have unfinished download file or data from the internet, sometimes the computer will store them into the temporary file. However, make sure to clean them if you do not have intention to use them anymore. Temporary file usually located in C partition.

Run heavy program

Remember that you computer has their limitation to deal with the program.You should consider to install such a big application and high graphic game because in some cases computer specs are lower than the specifications required. The point is you must look at the system requirement for the application following your computer capabilities.


Virus is not only about spaying you, taking your privacy or important data but also making your laptop slower. Keep your antivirus and firewall update because new born virus are undetected with old antivirus. Moreover, always be careful for installing entrusted software because some of them may bring the virus too.

Hardware Problem

Not only about software, damaged hardware could also slow down the performance of your computer. So take a good care for your hardware.


Give your computer a break when it runs to be overheat. Overheat also make your computer slow. Then make sure your cooler work properly.

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