Action Script is the programming language that is widely used for the development of websites and also sites on the internet.This programming language was developed by Macromedia, which was later acquired by the famous technology companies, namely Adobe.

In general, the use of actionscript is also works as programming language created by the flash base on the products of Adobe. In this case, it helped to increase the popularity of the ActionScript programming language.

Action Script programming language made with a base of adobe and flash. Not only focused to develop applications and software from adobe flash, actionScript also widely used as a programming language that use in some database applications, for instance, to make the process of database management including the use of the system Alpha Five in the database.

Now this programming language widely used by programmers based on flash. Recently this programing has been developed into 3 versions, 

Actionscript 1.0 (2000 - 2003) began to be used in Flash 5 with a minimum played in Flash Player 5

Actionscript 2.0 (2003 - 2006) began to be used in Flash MX 2004 with at least played in Flash Player 7 

Actionscript 3.0 (2006 until now) began to be used in Flash CS3 with minimal played in Flash Player 9

The main functions of action script;

- Create Interactive Web
- Creating interactive CD
- Make a nice presentation
- Create interactive Game
- Make a Game Online
- Make simulation and animation in learning
- ActionScript can also communicate with other programming languages such as PHP and   

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