C# programming language

Based on the name, we could make a conclusion that this is a programming language has a relation with C programming language. Of course it is. C# is developed from C programming language. C # programming language or usually known as C Sharp is a programming language developed by Microsoft. Basically, Microsoft developed  C # because they intend to combine the functions and advantages of each  two existing programming languages, including ​​C and C ++ programming languages.

C# (C sharp) is a programming language that follow the paradigm OOP (object oriented programming), which was developed by Microsoft in a large project . C # is based on the programming language C ++ before, and is influenced by other programming languages such as Java, Delphi, and Visual Basic.

C # is a programming language created by Microsoft (developed under the leadership of Anders Hejlsberg which incidentally also has created a wide variety of programming languages including Borland Turbo C ++ and Borland Delphi). C # language has also become an internationally standardized by the ECMA. C # was first introduced in July 2000 as a modern object-oriented programming language that is becoming a major programming languages in development of Microsoft known as NET Framework platform.

The use of the programming language C # In general, the C # is a programming language that is widely used in the development of systems and applications as well as Microsoft software.

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