Central Processing Unit (CPU)

CPU is the brain of the computer assisted by components which work follow the command from software. The speed of the computer is really related to the speed of the processor. In another word, the faster processor work created the faster computer. The processor development has been grown rapidly for instance the intel processor development from Celeron, Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, Core i2, i3, i5 until core i7. Processor has three main components, namely ALU, CU and MU.

ALU (Aritmatic Logical Unit) is part of the CPU that is tasked to perform arithmetic calculations that must be executed in accordance with the instructions of the program. besides, ALU also serves to run the program with a logic operation.

CU (Control Unit) is part of the CPU to regulate traffic data such as taking data in memory, controlling the input and output equipment, sending the command to the ALU, and so on.

MU (Memory Unit) is the part that work as a temporarily memory for the data which is processing.

When you want to buy a computer, then I recommend you should see the processor capability. If you want to install a heavy application or high graphic game then you should take a fast processor such as i5, or i7. Remember, do not look only on the brand or appearance, considering the processor capability when you buy a computer is very important.

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