chipset on computer

The chipset is a motherboard component that serves as a regulator or a divider many functions in the motherboard. Embedded on the motherboard, chipset works to improve the motherboard function. There are two type of chipset embedded in motherboard namely:
North bridge chipset is the main chipset regulator of the performance data flow processor  related to major components such as memory slots, AGP slots, PCI slots and others. It usually located close to the processor component

South bridge chipset is the chipset that functions as a regulator of the data flow processor performance-related component of the secondary (not the major component), such as: control IDE hard drive, drive, DMA, interrupt and others.

Chipset affect on the performance of the computer because the chipset also related to the speed of the processing of processor. Each motherboard uses a different chipset, sometimes brand of  the motherboard is found not the same as the brand of the chipset. However, the type of chipset used on the motherboard will affect the additional features on the motherboard.

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