computer power supply

Power Supply related on the electric supply of the computer usually located at the back of the computer case. The function of the power supply is to change the electric power from the AC voltage into the DC voltage. Thus, DC voltage will be use for all hardware computer. Power Supply has an output voltage that varies depending on the hardware computer. there are two kinds of power supply including AT and ATX.

In addition power supply has many connector which has a different function based on the hardware it is. This is how the power supply give the electric power to the hardware. 

then, here are the the functions of each connector from power supply.

20/24 pin ATX motherboard connector, a connector which is directly connected to the motherboard, which provides the primary voltage the motherboard.

Floppy Disk Drive, this connector has a relatively small size are used to provide power to the floppy disk.

4/8 connector pin 12 V, the connector is also commonly called the P4 connector because it was first used with Pentium IV processor computers. This connector provides power to work specifically for the processor component.

SATA Power Cable, a connector used to provide voltage on hardware that uses a SATA connector like the hard drive.

 6 pin AUX Power Cable, this component serves to provide power to the component-based PCIe VGA card

4-pin peripheral power connector cable, this connector is used to provide power to a wide range of computer hardware components such as: optical card, fan casing, and hard drives.

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