diagnose and how to fix hard drive

Hard disk or hard drive serves as a computer data storage media or as a computer memory. If the hard disk is having problems, then the computer process will be disrupted or even the computer will die because the computer uses the hard disk to boot and run the operating system.

Here are some of the problems frequently occur when the hard drive has problem

The computer can not boot

Working computer becomes very slow

Computer suddenly die and live again (restart itself)

Difficulty in opening or reading data.

There was a loud sound coming out from the hard drive.

Computers can not be reinstalled because the computer cannot read the hard drive

Diagnose problems on the hard disk:

It is possible the hard drive is not connected to the computer out from its slot so that the hard disk is not detected.

Hard disk does not get enough power from the power supply due to the lack of power from the power supply

Physical damage of the hard disk due to falls or collisions.

Hard disk temperature is too hot so that the hard drive is hard to read data

Bad sectors occur on the hard disk that caused trouble for the hard disk to read the data.


Make sure the hard disk is installed and connected properly.

Check the hard disk data cable connection

Check the hard disk by the disk tool scan

If the hard disk remain undetected then replace it with a new hard disk

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