Hard disk or hard drive

Hard disk or hard drive is a computer hardware used as a data storage for media including the operating system, user, application, etc. However, without a hard drive, the computer can not perform his duties because computer do not have a capability to save such a big data. Along with the development of the technology of the computer, the hard disk developer makes such an improvement, especially in capacity, speed and durability. Giga byte is how the capacity of hard drive explained (GB), for example: 256 GB, 320 GB, 500 GB, and so on. Since the rapid development of hard drive, nowadays TB (terra byte) is also used as a symbol of hard drive capacity. In another words, 1 TB equals to 1000GB.

Based on the development of the hard disk, there are three type of hard drive;Hard disk Parallel ATA (PATA), is used for older models of computers that use a 40 pin cable for connection to the motherboard that are shaped like ribbons, usually computer technicians call it with a data cable. Approximately ATA Hard disk rotational speed 3600 rpm or ATA 66, 5400 rpm or ATA 100 and 7200 rpm or ATA 133.

Hard disk Serial ATA (SATA) is the same as the PATA hard drive, only the difference between them lies in the ports and cables to connect the hard drive to the motherboard. SATA cable on the hard drive has a smaller size than the 40 pin IDE cable. However SATA has a speed of 7200 rpm so that the data transfer rate on the SATA will be be faster.

 SCSI hard disk is the hard disk that has a very fast access speed than hard disk that mentioned before. Its reaches 10,000 rpm. Usually this hard drive is not used for home computer since this type of hard drive is used for the server computer. Interface SCSI hard disk using the I / O card that connects the hard disk to the main board.

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