how to choose the best USB flash drive

Flash disk or USB Flash Drive is a data storage device that has a USB interface. When we intend to buy a USB Flash drive we need to consider the quality of it. So there are some  following tips on selecting the best USB flash drive

Many people tend to buy a flash because the casing is attractive, however the most important thing is the strength of the casing.  Casing should be strong because  it repeatedly will be plugged and unplugged. The size of the casing also need our attention. Too large casing will deter the USB port next to them so the USB port can not be used. The best solution is to choose the flash that is slim to make it easier to plugged in the USB ports which located side by side.


You must find the information about the best flash brand by visiting the official website or read the reviews on the online forum. You could choose the brand recommended by members of the forum, it is usually recommended products based on their respective experiences.

The price of flash, storage capacity, and speed

Many people tent to buy the relatively cheap flash.  You need to be careful since a low price with a large capacity does not guarantee the flash can last a long time. So you need to seek about the information about the flash.The ability of each flash in the speed of data transfer, size of the capacity is different following the type and brand. So before buying, knowing the data transfer rate and quality of flash drive from the internet is a must.

Physical from of the flash also need to take a glance, to avoid undesirable things like splashing water, look on the materials and solid forms. This is to anticipate when the flash accidentally fall or hit by something. We recommend  an outer layer made by rubber.

When buying a flash make sure the product is genuine, buy flash at the store that you trust and do not ever be tempted by illogical prices.

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