how to deal with overheating laptop

Overheat certainly is a common problem for the computer. In this case if the overheat cannot treated, it can damage the hardware in your computer. However many solution for this problem for example by opening the case, add fans, and others. How about the laptop?Overheated for laptop computer is not rare and very frequent. The cause of overheat could be

 Closing the air circulation space accidentally by the dust or something.

 Laptop use in mattresses or beds.

Open a lot of programs or applications simultaneously.

Many devices connected to the USB

Use of Operating System or software that does not comply with the specifications of the laptop for  that reason there are some ways that you can do to prevent the laptop overheated.

Use the laptop on a place that has a flat surface and not too tight with various objects such as walls, books, etc. Remember, do not use a laptop on the bed.

Do not open a lot of programs or applications simultaneously moreover these programs is heavy programs.

Avoid using many devices connected to the USB. Although it is rare, but the use of devices such as external HDD, mobile phone data cable, and the other to excess can trigger a surge of power needed, which could cause overheating.

Avoid using the Operating System or software that is not in acceptable with specifications of your laptop. Before using the heavy applications, make sure you look at the minimum specifications required.

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