How to fix motherboard

Motherboard is an essential component of computers since it is the main board where all hardware components hang on. If the motherboard is make an issue then all computer systems will have problems.

Here is an example of the motherboard problem diagnoses and how to fix it

1. The computer is off

Diagnosis of damage:

 BIOS has problem 'broken motherboard chipset'
Cracked motherboardsolution:Reinstall the program bios on the motherboard or clean the bios or cmos in order to reset the bios settings.If the damage come from motherboard chipset, then you should replace it with the same type of previous chipset

If the case is a cracked motherboard, the best solution is to replace it with the new one.
2. Overheat

Diagnosis of damage:

Chase memory on the motherboard damaged.

Bios settings are not correct
Motherboard is too dirty or dusty


If the chase of memory having problems then replace the IC chase memory with the same type and brand.
Reset and resetting the BIOS

If it is too dirty, clean it up3. Computer performance becomes very slow.

 Usually before your computer totally off, the first symptom that may appear is the computer becomes very slow and when  you use the computer, it  suddenly turns itself off.

 If your computer experiencing such a thing then check to the components off your pc

Check the components on the motherboard first and then take the diagnosis of the symptoms of  the damage motherboard

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