how to take a good care for your laptop

Considering the price of the laptop is quite expensive since it consist on the components such as laptop batteries, LCD, hard disk and other components,  so on this article I would like to share some tips how to take a good care for your laptop, so it could stay durable . unfortunately, many people do not really care on their laptop so the laptop could easily broken. Here are some tips for caring your laptop:Do not turn off the laptop directly from the power button, try to turn off the laptop on the shutdown button.

Clean the laptop with a small brush, usually a lot of dust and dirt on the keyboard laptop, or you can put the keyboard protector.

Do not bring a laptop on a trip or journey when the laptop is on or stand by, because it will quickly damage the hard disk of your laptop. Make sure it totally off.

Make sure the laptop is already off before you close your laptop, this happens when we shutdown the laptop, sometimes we have to wait a while for laptops turn off. Just give your laptop a time before you close it.

Charge your laptop battery before the battery is at 10% usage, so the laptop does not die because of running out of battery.

Remove the charger before charging is at 100%, you can take it off when it was still 95% down, because based on my experience this is great way to take care of laptop batteries.

Do not use heavy programs such as high graphic game on a standard laptop, the laptop will tend to be slow because the heat and the processor tend to work very hard. Make sure you look the system requirement before install an application.

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