Java programming language

          Java programming language is one type of programming language that we find on the application either in a computer, a mobile phone and smartphone. However, java is really became a very popular programming language many programmer understand them and easy to learn.Interestingly, the name of a programming language developed by SUN Micro systems in the era of 1991, is a programming language whose name was inspired by the coffee made in Indonesia exactly in the island of Java.

         That become the reason why this programming language has the emblem in the form of coffee brewing.Currently, patents on the use of the Java programming language itself held by Oracle. Many application and software that is very beneficial for the user. There are some examples of applications using Java programming language:

  1.   The default application oracle
  2.   Application on the phone non-OS, as in the series - series mobile phones 2000s era
  3.   Applications and games on mobile air-OS, such as Symbian, Android, and Windows Phone    
  4.   Some applications on the computer and desktop PC.

          Java is a programming language that has many advantages. One of the main advantages of the Java programming language is multi-platform, which means it can be used in a wide variety of operating systems and other software base. In addition, there are several other advantages of Java:

  1.     Easy to be developed
  2.     Having a more complete library
  3.     Easy in compiling script
  4.     Have a wide market, as smartphones are booming and are widely used
  5.     An object-oriented programming language or OOP

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