I think java script is very familiar, especially for a blogger and web developer.  Unlike the Java programming language that focus on application development and software, the JavaScript focusing on the programming language used to develop a website. Many of websites use JavaScript as their primary programming language.

Naturally, Java script was asked to become a programming language that is assigned in developing websites and also site on the internet. This developer known as Netscape. Netscape is a company, which in the history of the development of computer networks and the Internet to develop a system browser the first time, under the name Netscape Navigator.

The main advantages of the use of java script as a programming language is the ability to develop a website with an attractive and interactive visual appearance. In another word,
Javascript is a computer language or programming code that is used on the website to make the website more interactive and dynamic. Javas script is kind of client-side programming language.

The use java script code on a website is an optional. However, almost all of the websites and blogs uses javascript code. You should aware that,  using java script too much and do not tidy in the arrangement of code, can make your website loading slow and heavy. So, use it wisely.

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