motherboard computer

The motherboard or mainboard computer is the circuit boards which work as a place to put the main computer devices such as: VGA card, Random Access Memory (RAM), processors, I / O, etc. In computer, motherboard is very important device since all of computer hardware hang on into it. In another words, motherboard is the connector of all the main computer hardware.

Motherboard has many slots. Each slot has its own function

Memory (RAM) a place to put the memory (RAM), RAM there are several types such as SD RAM, DDR 2, DDR 3 and others, so make sure when you buy RAM, it fits into your motherboard slot.

Processor socket a part which serves as a place to put and install a processor

IDE or IDE port serve to put the IDE cable to connects many components. IDE ports are usually divided into two kinds, namely primary IDE and Secondary IDE. Primary hard drive use to connect the hard drive while the secondary IDE serves to connect CD ROOM.

Chipset Bios contains bios software to read and record the computer components. Chipset bios obtain voltage from the battery so it could save the bios configuration when users turn off the computer.

SATA serves to put a sata cable to be connected with a hard drive.

PCI use to put the components such as VGA cards, sound cards, LAN cards and others. But now some motherboard use AGP component. AGP is a new type VGA slot that works two times faster than PCI.

Chipshet motherboard is a component that set and divide the function of motherboard. There are two kind of motherboard chipset, north and south bridge. North Bridge serves to regulate the flow of the performance of the processor that associated with the main component. such as memory slots, PCI slots and an AGP slot. This bridge is usually located near the processor component. Moreover, south bridge has a responsible to regulate the processor related to the control components such as IDE hard drive, and DMA.

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