Network interface Card

NIC (network interface card) or usually called the network card is an expansion card which is used to connect the computer to computer network. At the past NIC (Network Interface Card) is an requirement for computer networks. But when WIFI connection is more practical and efficient many computer move to this technology.

By using this hardware computer could connect each other. The computer will communicate each other by using a specific protocol by transmitting data packets among the computers. This transmission usually  known as nodes. The function of network interface card is as a connector for a computer to send and receive data on a LAN.

The thing that you should know, network interface card does not have to use a cable connection. For example we could use Wireless Ethernet system. By having a small antenna for transmitting a network among computers, this card can communicate with the central switch or hub by radio waves. However wireless LAN may have some weakness depend on the surrounding buildings. For example, the walls can block signals among the network.

 NIC or Network Interface Card is usually installed on the expansion card slots on the motherboard using RJ-45 port for connecting to a computer network. After you install the NIC (Network Interface Card), do not forget to install the driver so that the components can work optimally.

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