Objective – C

Objective - C programming language actually is not really related to the C ​​, C ++, or C # programming language. However, the programming language Objective - C uses the basic of C programming language as well as to develop an application and software.

Objective-C is the main native programming language used to create applications Mac. This language extend from the C language using style of Smalltalk. All the syntax for non-object-oriented operation is similar to C, while for implementing object-oriented the use the operation of Smalltalk style.

According to the history, Steve Jobs (founder of Apple Inc.) created a company named NeXT were using Objective-C licensed from stepstone to make the operating system NextStep. Because NeXT was acquired by Apple Inc, NextStep was modified into Mac OS and of course it used the Objective-C. Objective-C thus become the main programming language on the products MacIntosh.

In general, the programming language Objective - C is widely used in all applications of iOS and Apple software. Furthermore, IOS operating system used on Apple's devices on their own mobile phone is one of the flagship product of the development of the software using  Objective - C programing language. In conclusin, Objective - C is a remarkable programming language. The weakness of this programming is not multi platform like some other popular programming languages. In another word, it is only work on certain brand or OS.

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