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Operation system Free BSD looks similar to the UNIX. However, free BSD is not deprived from UNIX. This operating system was developed by the Berkeley Software Distribution. this operation system also has many fans since it's free and open source. However in reality this operation system is not as famous as Linux. Anyway, this operating system has many advantages and disadvantage,

Advantages of Free BSD:This operating system is open source, so the users may use for further developing operating system for free.

Having third-party software that provides an easy way for the user to add or remove the applications. Just execute a command line and the applications will be able to download automatically, check his integrity, in-build,  and install themselves automatically. 

System administration tasks become very practical and easy. This operation system also secure, powerful, supports patches and updates, along with port and package u / facilitate install other software accompanied by a firewall.

This operating system is stable for the data base, internet server, client server, and others.

Disadvantages Free BSD:

Free BSD does not support the IBM PC

There is no support for plug and play

Do not have a lot of support from the community to develop this operating system.

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