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Ubuntu is a computer operating system based on Linux, the operating system has become very popular since ubuntu go many support from the community of linux. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution based on Debian and has a desktop interface.It was launched in 2004 and distributed throughout the world. the word Ubuntu comes from an ancient African language, which means" the taste of humanely.In another word it could be said "I am here because of the existence of our cooperation.
 However ubuntu has the advantage and disadvantage consider those things if you want to use ubuntu

Advantage Ubuntu

     Open Source, so that users can modify according to the wishes
     Multi language, many languages are available for selection
     Multi-tasking and multi-user
     A lot of support from the community
     Security is stronger than in Windows

Disadvantages Ubuntu

     There are no big games that can run on Ubuntu
     Graphical look less attractive
     Some hardware is difficult to provide drivers for Ubuntu

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