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UNIX is the beginning from the LINUX operating system. UNIX started from the project of Multics (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service) in 1965 by the American Telephone and Telegraph AT & T, General Electric (GE), and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), by the fund of Department American defense (Department of Defense Advanced Research Project, DARPA, or ARPA). Unix has been rarely used now, however to learn more about UNIX, here are the advantage and weaknesses of the UNIX operating system:Advantages :Portability means can adapt easily to other computers

Multiuser, it can be used by many users at once

Multitasking, can perform tasks at the same time

Hierarchical file system, organizing information or data in a form that is easy to remember and accessible.

Stable file system for database, server Internet, Intranet, file-server, Internet-client Java development.

Having a better performance than Windows NT

UNIX operating system is almost freeweaknesses:Less attractive in the appearance

 Requires a large enough memory

There still lack of application that support in this OS

Some hardware is difficult to provide drivers for Linux

Difficult to use for a beginner

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