Output device

Output device serves to produce the information from the processing of computer so the users will get what they ask computer to do.

By using the output computer the user could produce visual, audio, and audio visual for instance, picture, movie, or sound. 

In another way, output gives us three main things namely, soft, hard, and drive device.

Soft is in output in the form of text or images in the form of an electronic signal or just on the screen

Hard is output in the form of text or images and others are touchable, just like when you printing your paperwork

drive device used for recording symbols in a form that can only be read by a machine on media  magnetic disk or magnetic tape, for example a disk drive, which tape drive use magnetic media.

There are some example of output device;

Monitor, a computer output shows you video or photo

Projector, an output device that has the same function with the monitor, but projector can show the image into the surface

Printer, an output device  provide information in the form of text or images make it displayed on the paper
Speaker give you the form of sound so human can hear that

Anyway, there are still many output  device that you could easily found around you.In conclusion, output devices always help the human to get the information from the computer

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