PHP programming language

PHP Is one programming language which is very popular among developers as well as developers of websites or other activity on internet. PHP, means Hypertext Pre - Processor is a programming language that is used for the development of a site on the internet network. PHP was developed in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf, and is now managed by The PHP Group.

PHP programming language called 'server side' because it is processed on the server computer. This is different than the client-side programming languages such as JavaScript that is processed in a web browser (client).
 When you make a website or site, surely you need a programming language that can integrate bass management data you have, as well as a wide variety of resource that will be used. Therefore, PHP programming language is used to develop the website.
There are several advantage from the use of PHP programming language for example PHP is a programming language that are free and free to edit and PHP has the ability to create a dynamic website, thanks to the feature server side scripting.PHP programming language has proven its reliability, because it is widely used on site and websites, like facebook and wordpress.

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