Type of mouse computer

To move the pointer on the computer screen we use a hardware called mouse. Mouse has so many functions for instance, conduction a command (click), scrolling the screen, controlling visual object, giving a command button, zooming the screen, drawing, playing games etc

First of all we need to know that, basically, mouse has two type of work known as optical mouse and trackball mouse. Optical Mouse  works by using optical system pointer to move the existing monitor screen, the optic located at the bottom of the mouse. Track Ball Mouse works as a ball to move the pointer. So the different is just on the shape of the mouse.

However, there are 4 main type of mouse:

1. USB Mouse mostly uses by the computer users around the work. This type of mouse usually work faster and more efficient. After that, the price of this mouse is not really spend your bucks. I bet you use this mouse in your home.

2. Serial mouse uses a serial port for those computer used on AT type of port. I think USB port is more common than AT.

3.Mouse PS 2 uses the port of PS 2 on computers ATX type. The port looks like round and similar to the port of keyboard. You would find this type easily on the old version computer.

Wireless Mouse, as the name suggests this mouse uses a wireless network to connect (without cable). This is high tech but you must be ready to spend more bucks for wireless mouse. However wireless mouse is the coolest most that others. You also need a battery for that.

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