what is operating system

The operating system on a computer is software which serves as a liaison between users and hardware. Operating system also become a place where all applications run.

The operating system is also responsible for managing the entire process on the computer, translating the input from the input device, adjust internal processes, manage memory usage and adjusts the output to the output device. The operation system become a role to manage all the software in the result computer become more convenient to use and to run the applications.

So from the above description it can be concluded that the operating system is the source of management in the computer system and provide a set of services to users, making it easier to use. Many operating systems that we know today such as, Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Ubuntu, Debian, and others.

The operation system usually do an improvement from its developers. For example the operation window does.Window has many version from the oldest until the latest (window 10). This improvement usually enhance the ability how the operation systems works including, speed, management, appearance, endurance and so on.

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