C programming language

C programming language is the oldest programming languages and it is the parent of a wide variety of programming languages.

The C programming language is a programming language developed in the era of the 70s, which is one of the oldest computer programming language. Currently, the C language may have been rarely used, however, from the C language turns the formation of other programming languages, such as language C ++, C #, Java and various other programming languages.

The C language is currently used only as a medium of learning, where each student will learn about the development of a software, the usual C language will be taught in advance, since the C language is the basis of some programming languages. When the programming understand the basic C language, then the other programs will be easier to understanding.

The C language is a language that is commonly used for systems programming, among others, to create:
1. Assembler
2. Interpreter
3. Compiler
4. Operating system
5. Auxiliary program (utility)
6. Editor
7. Package application program

Some programs such as dBase created by using the C language, even the UNIX operating system is also built using C. The C language is actually a versatile programming language and it can be used for business applications, mathematical and games, even for artificial intelligence applications.
Just like the Java programming language, C language is widely used to create applications - applications based on operating system.

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