computer suddenly dead

When you have experiences your computer turns itself off or restart without any command it could be a symptom which say your computer have a problems. The problem would be serious if you do not treated early since there is a problem with the computer system and will affect with other systems. The question that spring in your mind is why does the computer turns itself? 
Here are some reasons why the computer turns itself off without the command Operating system on your computer has been infected with a virus so when the program is running, the virus cause the computer die or restart by itself. In this case antivirus will need to be updated. Sometime this case also make the computer cannot be off since the virus hang into the program.

 The fan on the processor die causes the temperature on your computer overheat. However in your bios settings, there are limit of the temperature of the processor so when the temperature has exceeded the maximum limit then your computer will restart by itself. so you need to check the cooling fan too.

The damage hardware in your computer also make the sudden dead especially when the damage comes from the  motherboard or processor.

 The damage to the power supply since this is the component which serves to supply power to the device runs on a computer. So if the power supply and output voltages having problems then the computer lost the power. Losing the power absolutely cause your computer shutdown.So there are some common cause why the computer suddenly shutdown. In fact there are still many other cases. However if the problem cannot be solved, you need to check it on the computer specialist.

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