how to speed up the computer

When the computer work slowly sometime it could make the user feel tired and bored especially for waiting  the process of loading. However, if we can optimize existing devices and customize the software we can get the maximum process as a result the computer will work faster. Here are some tips that will help you to speed up the computer.

Slow computer usually influenced by minimal hardware to process. eg memory capacity is too small or computer hardware specification that is less than the requirement of the program. The knowledge of the hardware specifications are very important since we can figure out what programs are appropriate for our computer.

Uninstall programs that have similar functions, for example: if you use mozilla then you do not need to install google chrome on your browser program. 

Use the appropriate operating system with the capability of your hardware, if your computer has the minimum specs then I suggest to use windows XP since windows XP work lighter than the other windows .

Install the program according to your needs, if you use your laptop or computer just to simply browsing the Internet or typing then we need to install the program following the needs eg microsoft office, winrar, antivirus, pdf reader, browsing program, etc.

Always update your antivirus always to protect your computer from viruses, such as, trojans, malware programs and so on. It is because the virus also slow down your computer.

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