HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a standard language used by Internet browsers to create pages and documents on a web to be accessed and read like an article. HTML can also be used as a link between the files in the site or in the computer by using localhost, or the connecting link between sites in the internet world.

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is one of the web programming language for controlling several components in a web which is more structured. Just as styles in word processing applications such as Microsoft Word that can manage several styles, such as heading, section, Body text, footers, images, and other styles to be used together in multiple files. In general, CSS is used to format the display of web pages created with HTML and XHTML.

HTML or CSS is the most basic programming language used on the development of a website. HTML or CSS is widely used in a wide variety of prominent web sites, as the era of the 2000s used by the social networking site friendster, and some websites today, such as blogspot.

Normally CSS is used to design a page of HTML and XHTML, but now CSS can be applied to all dokumenXML, including SVG and XUL even ANDROID.
CSS is made to separate the main content to see documents that include layouts, color and font. This separation can improve the accessibility of the content on the web, providing more flexibility and controling the specification from the characteristics of a display.

 It also divide the page to a formatting and reducing the complexity of writing code and structure of content, for example, the technique table of web design. CSS also allows a page to be displayed in various styles using different nature, such as on-screen, in print, by voice, and others. Meanwhile, web content owner can specify the link that connects the content with CSS files.

By using the programming language HTML and CSS, any programmer can develop a website that is interesting and interactive as well. Basically, HTML or CSS is the basis of a wide web-based programming language, so in order to understand a wide range of web-based programming language, you also need to learn a programming language HTML / CSS.

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