HTML programming language

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a web-based programming language that is widely used for web today. The special of HTML is in its application, programming language support ASCII format, so it can produce a display integrated web. In general, HTML is the standard of creating a website.

The use of the programming language HTML, currently, in its application. An HTML programming language widely used as a programming language to build a web site integrated with the database. With  a simple command in the HTML, programmer will be able to learn it easily.

In another words, HTML is the language of the main program used in the manufacture website or blog. This code has important in the web design forming a structure in the website, lines, fonts, colors, background display, page framework and other elements in the page.

Now HTML 5 has launched the latest version of this language. Its development aimed at strengthening support for the latest multimedia system, that can be easily read and understood by computers and supported browser.

HTML is a Subnet or part of SDML which can also be used to surf the internet, especially those using the WWW or Web protocol. HTML documents are basically not much different from any other document, which contains the text and code to format the text display. The difference is the use of a specific tag. For example, if you want to tilt the text, should be added at the beginning of the text tag and the tag end of the text in order to close the previous command. Four elements of the HTML language in general;

links used to refer to one part of the document or page beyond the existing documents.

text style
This code used to add style or format the text as bold, italics, underline and also can enlarge and shrink the text.

object creation
This code can be used to create a supporting object in a document such as creating buttons, lists or horizontal lines.

text structure
HTML recognize text structure such as heading 1, heading 2, paragraphs, body or other things like the format of the document in general.

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