Novell operating system advantage and disadvantage

Novell is a network operating system developed by Novell Corporation, the operating system is not widely known for people since they more likely to choose Windows or Linux as the operating system. Novell is a network operating system that is usually used for computers made by IBM and Xerox XNS network stack.

Novell uses a dedicated server which server computer specifically to serve the client computer. Novell Netware formerly used as a LAN-Based Network Operating System. Widely used in the early to mid-1990s. The advantage and weaknesses of the operating system Novell are as follows:

Advantages of Novell Operating System

As network software the management is easier

Communication between PC faster

Require large hardware specifications (specifications of computer servers)

The weakness of the Novell operating system

DOS based so it is not in the form of graphics

Very difficult for a beginners

Do not get a lot of support from the community

However, Netware has been replaced by the Open Enterprise Server (OES). The final version of Netware came until april 2007. Those are the of version 6.5 Support Pack 6, which is identical to OES-Netwarekernel, Support Pack 2.

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