pascal programming language

Pascal is a type of programming language that goes into the third generation programming language, and is a form of high level programming language. This programming language was developed in France by a professor named Niklaus Writh.

The first program using the programming language Pascal yng This is a calculator, therefore, the name of this programming language refers to the name of a mathematician, as Pascal.

Pascal programming language is a programming language that has a standard data type, so it can be learned by anyone also has the type of structured programming language, thus making it much more efficient when compared to the low-level programming language and intermediate level.

Pascal lose against other programming languages, such as C, C ++, Java and even the BASIC language (with Microsoft Visual Basic). This happens not because the lack of marketing and industry support.For example, most people think that Pascal nicer and more structured compared to BASIC, However, BASIC is supported by companies such as Microsoft in result making it more popular than Borland Delphi (a type of Visual Basic applications that use the Pascal language).

Although not as popular as C, C ++ or Java, Pascal is currently still widely used as the programming language of instruction in schools and universities.

 PASCAL Language Features;

  1. The default data types: Pascal has a standard data types commonly found in computer 
    programming languages ​​such as Integer, Real, Character, and Boolean.
  2. Data type formations: Pascal allows us to make formations defined data types.
  3. Having a variety of data structures: Pascal presents some data structures like Array, Record, File and Set.
  4. Rules are strict data types: Pascal restrict the use of data types strictly.
  5. Structural supports programming: Pascal language was designed with the concept of structured programming that supports sub program through functions and procedures
  6. Simple and expresif: Many pascal use commands in simple English, so it is easy to understand.
  7. Supports object programming: Pascal also supports object-based programming, especially in the final version of the compiler.

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