python programming language

Python ​​sounds like the name of one of the most vicious predator snake. Anyway, this is not a predator this is a programming language that tends to be simple and easy to understand. Python has many similarities with Perl, C and Java. However there are some differences in the syntax which is becoming a fundamental difference.

Python is able to offer the development of an application as well as software in web-based platforms and operating systems. This makes Python programming language become multi functional, as it can make a wide variety of applications in a wide variety of platforms and also web based.

Python is one of programming languages that goes into a high-level programming language, which means the communication between humans and machines can run better and smoothly.

Python also supports a variety of database use, such as:

- Firebird
- Informix
- Ingres
- Oracle
- PostgreSQL
- Microsoft SQL Server
- Sybase

The use of the Python programming language
As mentioned earlier, the python programming language is a programming language that used in a wide variety of applications and software. Some of the major players in the computer technology using python programming language is Instagram, Pinterest, developers of Google, Yahoo, it has been used by developers of NASA (Division of space and also space the United States government). This indicates that the python programming language is one of the programming language that is fit for use in the manufacture of a wide range of applications.

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