visual basic

Visual Basic, also known by the name of Microsoft Visual Basic is a programming language developed by the giant technology of the world known as Microsoft. Visual Basic is on of the bundling packages of Microsoft Visual Studio.This programming language used to create an application that runs on the Windows operating system platform. In contrast to the multi-platform nature of Java, Visual Basic is limited only to the windows alone.

However, the features of this programming language has many variety, so visual basic also one of the programming languages widely used and popular in the world. Visual Basic offers the basic programming language, which is combined with the a visual ideas in making an application or software. So, by using this programming language, it could obtain an application that has an interesting visualization.

The use of Visual Basic programming language
Today, most Visual Basic used in software development - the simple software, such as:

program attendance
accounting program
Even some developers are able to create a game, which use Visual Basic programming language.

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