xml programming language

XML or extensible markup language basically one of the development of the programming language HTML. XML itself developed and has several advantages. The major advantage from xml programming language is the ability of this programming language to summarize and also stores a data, so it is easy manageable. The use of XML is indeed very simple, and similar to the use of HTML.

XML also has several advantages, such as smart programming, adaptable, have maintenance is very easy and inexpensive, and it is much simpler when compared to the type of other programming languages.

XML derived from SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) that has existed before. In a simple XML it used to describe and manipulate documents in a structured way. XML is technically defined as a meta-markup language that provides a certain format for documents that have structured data. XML is an application profile of SGML. As defined in ISO 8879, SGML is a standard way and vendor-independent.

XML does not have a precise definition since no one argues that XML is not a programming language, but XML is used to describe the syntax of other markup languages. Nevertheless the opinion that XML is not a markup language, based on that XML is a markup language separately for separate purposes. Some characteristics of XML;
  1. · Able to combined with other XML documents
  2. · Separate data and presentation which will be represented in XML and XSL
  3. · Fast data search because XML is the data in a structured format
  4. · Plain Text and platform independent
  5. · Markup can add intent meaning (semantics) of a data
  6. · Able to separate data.
  7. · Able to define the role of data.
  8. · Able to define data limits.

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